September 7, 2017

Veteran's Day / Branson 2017

Before I begin, I'd like to take a moment to thank any veteran, current military member, or military family member for their selfless service and devotion to their country and fellow citizens! We are forever in your debt!

And now to Branson's Fall Veteran 2017 Schedule:
  1. Festivities begin 10/28 with the 4th Annual Trout Fishing Tournament brought to you by the Vietnam Veteran's of America.
  2. On 11/5, The Mansion Theater will host the Vets for Vets Celebration . This free show (donation's encouraged) begins at 2:00pm. Although seating is free, it is recommended to arrive early as these events are very popular! Previous years have featured entertainment icons like Billy Dean.
  3. The following day on 11/6, Gatherings Plus and Clay Cooper Theater will sponsor the Vietnam Era Reunion. The event takes place at the Clay Cooper Theater on Main Street 76. Entertainment include a Hot Rods and High Heels Show for $15 / person. Lunch will be included with ticket purchase.
  4. A fun and ongoing event, the Military Film Festival will begin 11/6 and last until the final movie is shown on 11/10. The Film Festival will be hosted by the Branson's IMAX Theater. Bring your popcorn!
  5. On 11/10, the Missouri Vietnam Veteran's Museum will host the Reading of Veteran's Names Ceremony. The Museum is located at the entrance of the College of the Ozarks .
  6. Probably my favorite event every year, The Vietnam Veterans Parade in downtown historic Branson. If you would like to participate, call 417-294-0728 to enroll. Otherwise, simply visit the downtown area the afternoon of 11/11 to witness this truly special event.
The festivities last just over a week. Clear Lake Condo Rentals would like to offer anyone visiting during this time period up to 15% off select condos . Give us a call seven days a week (866-811-8241) or visit our website for more information.

I went over a few of my favorite activities. You can find a complete list of all 2017 Activities here: