March 4, 2017

Something Big Underway at Silver Dollar City!

Well we don't know much, but what we do know is exciting! We've heard a number of reports that a new project being developed at one of Missouri's premiere amusement parks will be "the single biggest thing ever, ever done at Silver Dollar City. By Far." I don't know about you but as a lover of amusement parks and different rides and roller coasters, this gets me excited. The only downside is that not much is known yet. But as someone that frequents the Indian Point and Silver Dollar City area, I can tell you they are hard at work building something!

Sources indicate that possible names for this new mystery attraction include 'Top Dog' or 'Time Traveler'. In reports, the new attraction has been described as "amusement park and theme park services" as well as "entertainment services in the nature of an amusement park ride, namely, a roller coaster." Although the new attraction has not been confirmed as a roller coaster as of yet, it seems likely that will be part of it. Visit back to stay updated on Silver Dollar City's newest and biggest attraction to date.

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