July 19, 2017

Silver Dollar City

Amazing Rides & Attractions

Silver Dollar City is an enormous 1880's theme park with over 40 rides & attractions. Located only minutes away from Eagles Nest Resort, on a good day you can hear the roar from the roller coaster! Whether you are a thrill seeker searching for the biggest rides, or just accompanying the kids on an event filled afternoon enjoying the 1880's themed crafting and unique shows, Silver Dollar City has you covered. Don't miss out and purchase yourself a 2 day pass or for maximum value, the Silver Dollar City Season Pass.

Craftsmen Demonstrations

There is nothing cooler than seeing something created firsthand. This day and age, we only see the completed product. Silver Dollar City's talented artisans give you a glimpse into the process. I've been able to witness amazing woodcarving demonstrations where the finished product leaves you in awe. I've seen glassblowers make incredible works of art. The time and energy spent learning and advancing these skills must have taken years. The best part about these demonstrations... They're free with admission!

Live Shows & Entertainment

One of the more defining characteristics of Silver Dollar City are their live shows and entertainment. Free of charge, these shows offer glimpses of cultures from around the world. One of my more recent visits to the park afforded me the opportunity to see authentic Venezuelan Scissor Dancers. That's not something you see everyday! Silver Dollar City sported the Harlem Globetrotters as their featured show in 2017! You can see a full list of upcoming shows and planned entertainment here .

Unique Dining

Silver Dollar City offers a number of different restaurants and eateries located around the park. The cuisine at the park is delicious and very varied. There are also several festivals dedicated to unique and scrumptious delicacies from all around the world. You come for the rides and the atmosphere, but you stay for the food!

World Class Festivals

Silver Dollar City features 8 world class festivals every year. The remaining festivals for 2017 include:

National Crafts & Cowboy Festival (9/13 - 10/28)

An Old Time Christmas (11/4 - 12/30)

Check out next years planned festivals here .

Marvel Cave

Silver Dollar City theme park evolved around the entrance to one of nature's greatest wonders, Marvel Cave. Marvel Cave first opened as a tourist attraction as a show cave in 1894. Now this historic cave remains one of Silver Dollar City's most unique attractions.