February 28, 2016

Navy Pier Ferris Wheel has a new Home !

New Branson Attraction

The Track Family Fun Parks has been around for years but now has a new addtion! Craig Wescott, the President/Owner of Track Family Fun Parks, has purchased the legendary Ferris wheel from Navy Pier in Chicago and has transported it to it's new home.

The logistics behind this move were substantial. It required 26 semi trucks over 4 days to move the Ferris wheel 550 miles to Branson. Craig believes the $2.5 million investment was a lucky get and will be a perfect fit.

The 150-foot-high Ferris wheel will sit right along the Branson 76 strip and will be quite a site for locals and visitors. The Ferris wheel has 40 gondolas and can hold 240 passengers. The plan is to have the Ferris wheel ready for the Memorial Day weekend.

History of the Navy Pier Ferris Wheel

This Ferris wheel was built in 1995 and is a replica of the one built by George Washington Ferris which was in itself a direct response to the success of the Eiffel Tower construction at the 1889 Exposition Universelle (World's Fair) held in Paris.

There is a new 196 foot high Ferris wheel being built in the place of the old one which should be completed at Navy Pier by the Summer.

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