July 19, 2017

Hollywood Wax Museum

The museum is part of the Hollywood Wax Museum Entertainment Center, owned and operated by descendants of Spoony Singh.

It claims to be the most photographed landmark in the area since it opened in 1996, with its own 150-foot-long Hollywood version of Mt. Rushmore.

in 2009, to the tune of about $5 million, the owners added the now famous 40ft Great Ape of Branson. Thanks in large part to the 2009 additions, the Hollywood Wax Museum won the 2011 Beautification Award for improving a popular area of the 76 Strip. The designation aided the owner’s addition of other attractions surrounding the Hollywood Wax Museum including Castle of Chaos, Hannah’s Maze of Mirrors, and Shoot for the Stars Mini-Golf.

Currently, a single admission ticket gets you into each of the following: The Castle of Chaos, Shoot for the Stars Mini Golf and Hannah's Maze of Mirrors. A perfect afternoon excursion for the whole family! Between the lifelike wax celebrities, the terrifying 3D Castle of Chaos, and the relaxing Mini Golf course, the Hollywood Museum Entertainment Center has you covered. It is easy to spot as you can't miss the Celebrity Mount Rushmore while cruising down the 76 Strip.

Wax figures and sets featuring replicas of celebrities continue to change regularly. The Hollywood Wax Museum also offers a souvenir store, which is the area's largest celebrity merchandise shop.

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